Université de Bordeaux

Why Bordeaux?

Bordeaux boasts a long tradition of excellence in cardiovascular medicine, in particular with the creation of Liryc – an Electrophysiology and Heart Modeling Institute, led by Prof. Michel Haissaguerre. 

Liryc is a research, treatment, innovation and teaching institute. Its strength lies in its scientific expertise and close collaboration with world leading clinical teams.
Offering unique technology platforms with state-of-the-art equipment, the multidisciplinary teams at Liryc develop novel diagnostic tools, medical devices and innovative therapies.

The congenital heart disease team of Prof. Jean-Benoit Thambo is involved in several translational research and education programs, especially in the field of percutaneous therapies.

As part of its mission to disseminate knowledge gained from research, Liryc is committed to university training in cardiovascular medicine with the University of Bordeaux.